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Alfred Conteh

DEPICTING Ryan Coogler

“This portrait is my observation of a young black artist who constantly transcends the spaces and expectations of a field that has historically marginalized the efforts of makers like himself. [He] creates public dialogue about the complexities of justice, perseverance, cultural conservatism and the like. Ryan Coogler shows us with his films that he is one of us, and the enormous grassroots support for his creations have shown the film industry and the world that we are with him.” — Alfred Conteh

Alfred Conteh's depiction of Ryan Coogler
Home Team [Ryan Coogler], 2018. Alfred Conteh. Courtesy of artist Alfred Conteh and Amath Gomis.
Black and white portrait photo of Alfred Conteh


Alfred Conteh

Alfred Conteh is a classically trained artist who has practiced his craft for more than 20 years. After earning a BFA from Hampton University, Conteh continued his formal education at Georgia Southern University, earning a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. An African American artist, Conteh brings African American stories and experiences to the forefront. Conteh’s work ranges from paintings to drawings and sculptures to assemblage works, and can be found in public and private collections worldwide.

Ryan Coogler and Danai Gurira on the set of the film Black Panther

[Ryan Coogler and Danai Gurira on the set of the film Black Panther], 2017. Matt Kennedy. Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Marvel Studios and The Walt Disney Company, © Marvel/Matt Kennedy.

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Ryan Coogler

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