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Joe Prytherch

DEPICTING John Johnson

“John H. Johnson is a cultural icon who forever changed the world of publishing and entertainment. A man who, in the words of his daughter Linda Johnson Rice, ‘Never stopped dreaming dreams and climbing mountains.’ The cultural significance of his magazines cannot be understated, from their celebration of everyday black America to their work at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement. It was an honour to create this portrait for the Men of Change exhibition.” —Joe Prytherch

Artist's depiction of John H. Johnson
Illustration of John H. Johnson, [John H. Johnson], 2018. Joe Prytherch. Mason London is an illustrator from London.


Joe Prytherch

A freelance designer and illustrator from the UK, Joe Prytherch draws under the name Mason London. He works predominantly within the music industry creating album artwork, posters, and music videos. Before taking the leap to freelance, he was art director of the online music platform Boiler Room. Prytherch has also worked for platforms such as The New Yorker and clients like the J Dilla Estate.