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Nate Lewis

DEPICTING Carter G. Woodson

“Carter G. Woodson covered such a range of subjects. I distilled his most well-known work. It was about caring for family units.

The balance, health and homeostasis within a family unit determines the prosperous nature of a group of people. I make the piece more personal by using an image of my own family members. I use some ink, along with sculpting the paper and photo. I use an image I took on my own.” —Nate Lewis

A photo and mixed-media collage portrait of an African American family: one man, one woman, and one child.
Sankofa [Carter G. Woodson], 2018. Nate Lewis. Courtesy of the artist.


Nate Lewis

(b. 1985)
Nate Lewis is a Washington DC-based artist originally from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Lewis began his working career as a critical-care registered nurse and began pursuing the arts in 2008. As a self-taught artist, he worked within portraiture and figuration. Lewis is currently creating sculpted paper photo works that combine elements of drawing, sculpture, etching, embroidery, and fabric. In these works, he sculpts out unseen tensions on bodies, representing them with an array of textures and patterns to reveal hidden layers of empathy.

A black & white portrait of an older African American man in a suit, seated in an office in front of a desk covered in papers and magazines.

[Dr. Carter G. Woodson—educator/historian & publisher/late 40’s], 1948. Robert S. Scurlock. Scurlock Studio Records. Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

Man of Change

Carter Woodson

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