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Knowledge Bennett


“I celebrate minimalism as an approach seeking respite from distractions. Through examining personal grief, I visualize a dynamic illusionistic relation to the ground and space. By gazing into the sparkling abyss, I combine the sublime duality of self-reflection and reflecting a mirror onto contemporary society.

I honor the sacrifices of historic African American catalysts such as Emmett Till and Medgar Evers, and contemporary courageous figures like Colin Kaepernick. By intimately conversing with today’s unsung hero who is poised to make history, the piece provides a safe space of radical healing to ignite courage within our future catalysts.” — Knowledge Bennett

Black canvas dotted with white; a sparkling abyss.
Black Excellence [Catalysts], 2018. Knowledge Bennett. Courtesy of the artist.
An African American man in a white shirt and black hat, pants & shoes is seated on a white bench or pedestal, on a white backdrop.


Knowledge Bennett

Knowledge Bennett collides minimalist and abstract techniques with questions about healing, spirituality, and a conscious craving for the sublime. His current aesthetic practice results in an introspective contemplation of life and death reflected on the canvas. Bennett aims to inventory through art that which is of true importance to the human experience.
Until recently, Bennett created artworks that explored contemporary sociological understanding of political and ideological tensions.
Bennett currently lives and works in Los Angeles.