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Jas Knight

DEPICTING Michael Seibel

“I believe in creating paintings with skills obtained through the hard work of learning to draw and paint from life. This portrait represents about four and a half sessions with Mr. Seibel. I decided beforehand to avoid merely filling empty space and instead chose to leave it wherever it was during our last session. I painted him while he worked on his computer and I believe I’ve captured both his intelligence and his intensity.” — Jas Knight

A portrait of an African American man in a grey suit and glasses, with a background of brown gradients and a foreground appearing almost incomplete with a very pale grey.
[Michael Seibel] 2018. Jas Knight. Courtesy of the artist.


Jas Knight

Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Jas sold his first painting at age of seven. At eight years old, Jas had his first one-man show at Greater Hartford Community College (now Capital Community College). He went on to receive numerous awards and study at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Jas lives in Brooklyn, where he spends most days painting and drawing from life.

A color photo of a smiling bearded African American man in a black shirt and glasses in front of a black backdrop.

[Michael Seibel (headshot)], date unknown. Martin Klimek. Image Courtesy of Michael Seibel.

Man of Change

Michael Seibel

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