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"We are flooded with information in the digital age. How do you navigate information overload and counter myths with our individual true stories? 

This piece is a reflective parallel of Dick Gregory’s voice as comedian and activist. He masterfully harmonized the two, making his messages effective on either platform. Gregory’s success/common denominator was his truthfulness. In modern Western society—built on divisiveness that prevails because of the perpetuation of myths—our resilience through time is the overarching theme."— Shaunté Gates

<i>Light Side Dark Side</i> [Dick Gregory], 2018. Shaunté Gates. Courtesy of the artist.
Light Side Dark Side [Dick Gregory], 2018. Shaunté Gates. Courtesy of the artist.



(b. 1979) Washington D.C. native Shaunté Gates creates work that aims to capture the state of semi-consciousness—a blend of reality and fantasy. To prepare, he writes and gathers notes to expand on his observations. The notes begin to revolve around a concept, and a blueprint emerges. Gates incorporates subtle and fleeting elements as he builds his work. Some pieces expose the frenzy and momentum of a dream, while others dwell in the pain of stillness.

Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory - 1968 Rally NYC, 1968. Anthony Barboza. Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, © Anthony Barboza.

Man of Change

Dick Gregory

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