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David Alekhuogie

DEPICTING Muhammad Ali/Cleveland Summit

“Muhammad Ali is known as the Greatest of All Time. In my eyes, he is The Greatest not for his battles in the ring, but for his battles outside the ring. His battles in the ring became symbols for his willingness to put his body on the line for freedom and equality. He made boxing about something bigger than throwing punches. He made it a symbol for what it means to fight for what you believe in.”—David  Alekhuogie

An artist's depiction of Muhammad Ali
Know Your Right [Muhammad Ali/Cleveland Summit], 2018. David Alekhuogie. Courtesy of the artist.


David Alekhuogie

(b. 1986) Los Angeles native David Alekhuogie’s multi-disciplinary art practice is centered around photography. He investigates and questions the dialectical relationships between politics, race, gender, media, and power. Alekhuogie received his BA from the University of California, Berkeley; BFA with a focus in photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and MFA from Yale.

Black and white photo of Muhammad Ali sitting on the couch while holding his kids

Muhammad Ali and Family, 1978. Ron Harvey. Mirrorpix/Courtesy of Everett Collection/Ron Harvey.

Man of Change

Muhammad Ali/Cleveland Summit

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