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Where can I see this exhibition?

Please visit to learn where and when it will be on display. Refer to each host museum’s website for operating hours.

Is there an admission cost to see the exhibition?

Please refer to each host museum’s website for specific admission information. Although SITES does not charge a special admission fee to see its traveling exhibitions, host venues may charge a general admission fee to enter the museum.

How can I bring Men of Change to the museum where I work?

There are environmental, financial, and security requirements to host the exhibition. Men of Change requires 3,500 square feet of gallery space with 15’ high ceilings. Please contact us ( for more information about being a part of this national tour.

What will happen to Men of Change after the national tour?

The original artwork will be returned to each of the artists who created it. The rest of the physical structure will be re-used in future traveling exhibitions and/or recycled.